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Debt Collection Agency SRL is a company providing receivables management services, specializing in purchasing portfolios of receivables in the sphere of judicial and extra-judicial debt collection. Established in February 2013, Debt Collection Agency SRL continued the success of the mother-company, which is one of the largest and most recognized companies on the Bulgarian market.

Dimana Savova Vlaeva – Administrator, Director General – following the know-how of the company in Bulgaria, transferred knowledge, experience and work style in Romania, leading the team to success.

The company’s mission:

  • Through commitment and honesty, to get maximum results for clients
  • Maintaining a long term collaboration with the clients
  • Transparency of information given to the customer


  • Approaching the debtors with respect and diplomacy based on a unique algorithm work
  • Finding a solution in time for each special situation in hand
  • Respect for company employees by rewarding their efforts
  • Team development through training activities and role-playing