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FIRE CREDIT obtains ISO 27001 certification

As part of its policy for continuous information security improvement, Fire Credit has obtained in March 2016, ISO 27001 certification.

By obtaining the ISO 27001 certification, Fire Credit has further confirmed its commitment to establish a powerful relationship of trust with its clients regarding the way their information is secured.

The certification process was audited by SRAC (Romanian Association for Quality Assurance), leader of the certification and conformity assessment market in Romania. Possession of ISO 27001 certification it affords a guarantee to all stakeholders, supporting the idea that security is an integral part of the business and ensuring that the security assessment and risk management policies related to the security or confidentiality of data and information, held by Fire Credit. Also, it affirms that management is fully implicated and that there is a well-documented information security mechanism in place able to offer a high quality infrastructure and advanced security measures, ensuring in the same time a high awareness of employees on compliance with security measures.
The certification covers all departments and services within Fire Credit, able to provide building a strong information security management system, which refers to:

– information management and data storage;

– IT services;

– business continuity services (Disaster Recovery);

– information security incident management;

– data classification and security policy;

– physical and environmental security.

„I am proud that Fire Credit has obtained ISO 27001 certification, because this represents a confirmation of high value of our services. Having this certification will strengthen the confidence of our clients in the reliability of our solutions and also, will give the confidence to the shareholders that we are committed to maintain our mission”, said Antonino Bicchieri, CEO of Fire Credit.

Raluca Stipiuc, Quality Manager at Fire Credit, adds: „ISO 27001 certification means formalising all of the processes in place in the company in order to guarantee the quality. In the same time, it affirms the functionality of a quality management system and all the procedures already implemented and adopted by all employees, according to internationally accepted criteria.”

The auditors of the SRAC have carried out the regular annual visit to check the company’s quality and environmental system, according with the ISO 9001 (quality management system) & ISO 14001 (environmental system) standards, confirming compliance with those standards.