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KRUK Romania supports the early financial education programs together with Hope and Homes for Children Foundation

Bucharest, December 13th, 2017: KRUK România, member company of the international financial Group KRUK joins Hope and Homes for Children România Foundation initiative with a new component of financial education for children and young adults in the child protection system. The educational sessions will be held throughout the country and are aimed at explaining basic financial notions as well as the use of financial instruments needed for a responsible way of living.

Moreover, in Maramureș, Neamț, Suceava and Botoșani counties, KRUK Romania will organize, together with Hope and Homes for Children, financial education training sessions for both young adults leaving the protection system and the dedicated personnel dealing with the implementation of the foundation Programs such as teachers, psychologists, social assistants, employees of the Public Social Assistance Services, of the Social Assistance and Child Protection General Directorate, of the County Agency for Labor Force and Unemployment, etc.

The partnership between KRUK România and Hope and Homes for Children is focused on three pillars:

  • prevention of separating the child from his family,
  • socio-professional integration of the young adults coming from the child protection system and, not lastly,
  • professional training of the personnel employed in the protection system and providing assistance to the Child Protection Directorate that cooperates with the Foundation.


“We joined the programs developed by the Hope and Homes for Children România Foundation having in mind the good deeds that we can do by supporting the Foundation activities, but also with the purpose of providing financial education to children, young adults and employees working in the child protection system. We are committed to join the efforts undertaken in preventing child separation from family, as well as young adults who will benefit from the socio-professional integration program, after they leave the child protection system. It is a project in which we involved ourselves due to our wish to offer children and young adults facing difficult situations the help they need to take the first steps in their adult life while being more prepared and self-confident.“ said Tomasz Ignaczak, General Director KRUK România.

The objective of our partnership with KRUK Romania is to help as many families and children in difficult situations as possible. The novelty of this partnership is represented by the financial education component, delivered through counseling sessions for our direct beneficiaries as well as for our partners from the local administrations who will further pass on what they learn, to those with whom they work and interact on a daily basis. Each child who is assisted, tutored and advised, is a future adult who will definitely find the way to normality, to a better life”, said  Ștefan Dărăbuș, regional Director for South-Central Europe within Hope and Homes for Children.

In their 10 years of presence on the Romanian market, KRUK developed and implemented social responsibility programs with the aim to better prepare the Romanians from the financial education point of view and informing its clients with regard to the solutions for the financial problems they may have at a certain moment in life. Thus, KRUK Romania participated to the development of an educational module in which participated 1,000 pupils (9 to 12 grades), from 123 high schools in 14 counties throughout the country, who learned how to schedule a monthly budget and how to understand the simple mechanisms of a responsible way of living.  This project reflects the vision of KRUK Romania according to which early financial education, understanding the simple mechanisms of structuring a budget reflecting the monthly expenditures and income, are the firsts steps a person can rake in order to get familiar to the elements of the economic system.

Hope and Homes for Children contributes to the reformation process of the child protection system through strategic national programs. At the same time, the Foundation programs also address the personnel working directly with vulnerable children and young adults. Hope and Homes for Children contributes to the reform process of the child protection system by strategic partnerships with the Romanian Government, the Labor, Family, Social Protection and Elderly Ministry and UNICEF, but also through collaborations with the General Directorates for Social Assistance and Child protection.

Despre KRUK Romania S.R.L

KRUK Romania este membra a Grupului KRUK. KRUK S.A. este cea mai mare companie de management al creantelor din Polonia.  Compania este prezenta pe piata din Romania din 2007,  unde este de asemenea,  lider de piata.


Pentru mai multe detalii:

Daniela Dochia – Senior Specialist Comunicare & PR  KRUK Romania S.R.L.

tel. +4031 413 20 00; mobil: 0758 066 790; e-mail:

Mai multe detalii despre companie si proiectele educationale: si

Despre Fundatia Hope and Homes for Children Romania

Hope and Homes for Children activeaza in Romania din 1998, timp in care a contribuit in mod direct sau indirect la inchiderea a 54 de institutii de tip vechi (orfelinate), in timp ce alte 10 sunt in curs de inchidere. Prin serviciile dezvoltate de Hope and Homes for Children, copiii trec de la ingrijirea in institutii-mamut in care nu beneficiaza de atentie si afectiune individuala, la sisteme bazate pe conceptul familial, care le permit o viata apropiata de normalitate. Prin eforturile Fundatiei si ale partenerilor sai, 4.985 copii au fost scosi din institutii, iar alti 912 urmeaza sa paraseasca institutiile in curs de inchidere.

In acelasi timp, organizatia activeaza intens in prevenirea separarii copilului de familie, intervenind cu mijloacele necesare pentru sustinerea familiilor in care riscul de abandon al copiilor este ridicat. Astfel, 25.787 de copii au fost salvati de la ruperea de familie, 862 tineri au fost sprijiniti pentru o viata independenta, 1.812 copii au fost primiti in centrele de zi, iar 843 in regim de urgenta si 8.125 de membri de personal din sistemul de protectie al copilului au fost instruiti de Hope and Homes for Children.

Pana in acest moment, 45.570 de copii au beneficiat de serviciile Hope and Homes for Children Romania, al carei obiectiv este ca pana in 2022 sa fie eliminata institutionalizarea copiilor in tara noastra. Mai multe informatii la

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