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Mobile application KRUK planner, a simple way to keep track of the daily expenses

KRUK România, top company on the receivables management market in România, member of the Polish Group KRUK, is launching KRUK Planner – mobile application that allows you to keep a clear record of the daily expenses, but also of the monthly expenditures.

The KRUK Planner mobile application is based on the principles of KRUK Group: building positive relations with the clients and helping them regain their financial stability. The application is encouraging the clients to be careful with the daily expenditures so as to have a clear image at the end of the month of what is really needed and what one could renounce in the future.

The need to bring the clients closer to a relevant daily record of the expenditures and of the monthly income, and also the need to take a step further in informing and helping the clients on how best to save on a monthly basis, led to developing the mobile application KRUK Planner, a facile manner to monitor daily the financial transactions we make each day..

 „We always wanted to be close to our clients and focused on offering them viable solutions to their financial problems. It is important that they be permanently updated about their financial status and have a record of their expenditures. The need to analyze ones budget each month determined us to launch a mobile application that will help our clients and not only them to so this easily. In our daily life, the mobile phone is permanently on us and it is easy when we go shopping to note down the amounts we spend and at the end of the month we should clearly see the total expenditures, and this will help us take next decisions on how to spend our money in view of being out of debts”, said Tomasz Ignaczak, General Director KRUK România.

KRUK Planner allows clients to register the current expenditures, the monthly incomes, but also the transactions they make each month. St the same time, the application offers the consumers a list of pieces of advice on how to save money on simple things.

The applications is free and available in four languages – Romanian, English, Spanish and Italian, and the users have the possibility to access the application in the both operating systems IOS and Android.

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