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Top Factoring, AMCC member, offers its clients diversified financial services (B2C, B2B and purchased accounts).

Services particularity is that are customized according to customer or debtors needs. Quality standards applied are always calibrated to “debt-free future plans/ future plans without debt”.

Top Factoring provides an intelligent management process for the recovery strategy by collecting in a fair manner. The quality of the processes and services provided is transposed in the good reputation of the company and in the 9 years of experience and active presence in the market.

The principles that are followed and applied, as well as the mission and the vision of this company are set to serve with respect and fairness the clients and their customers (active clients or debtors).


To provide intelligent services for debt collection process, tailored to client’s needs.


“Future plans without debt/ debt-free future plans” – personalized and flexible instruments for the debtors and effective for the clients.

The main shareholder is Reconstruction Capital II Limited (RC2), investment fund listed on the London Stock and managed by New Europe Capital. RC2 is a closed fund that invests in Eastern Europe and especially in Romania, Serbia and Bulgaria (

General Manager – Catalin Neagu
Operations Director – Cristina Velisarie
Financial Manager – Cristina Atanasiu


Tudor Arghezi street no. 21, 5th floor, Bucharest, Sector 2.
Telephone: (+40) 21 301 29 25
Fax: (+40) 21 301 29 29